Software Engineer

Remote (United States)

Who we are

Rilla’s the leading conversation intelligence software for outside sales. Think solar, roofing, and real estate sales reps. Or the people who help you out at the Apple Store.

They talk to customers face to face, our mobile app records their conversations, and our AI automatically transcribes and analyzes their conversations to help them improve their sales.

Our vision is to bring the power of conversation intelligence from the Zoom meeting and the call center to the more than 10M salespeople who work offline.

We’re growing 20% MoM, have over 150 customers including Fortune 500 companies, Net Revenue Retention above 170%, an NPS higher than the iPhone’s, and we are cash flow positive!

While most tech companies are laying off, we are going for a land grab of a completely untapped market where we have no competition.

We have become one of the fastest growing startups in the history of startups.

We’re backed by Byron Deeter (one of the best investors of all time) from Bessemer Venture Partners, the top Cloud investor in the world.

And we’re a Cloud 100 Rising Star company.

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Who You Are

  • 🧠 An infinite learner. Someone who is always curious. You quickly learn new technologies and execute independently. You are a generalist who will deep dive into a challenge.
  • 🔍 A customer obsessive. Someone who deeply cares about delighting customers and solving their pains, not about vanity metrics.
  • 🏅 A quality obsessive. Someone who deeply cares about our users and the quality of their work. Our customers are not tech companies. They’re people who live and work in the real world. To solve problems for them you need to have extreme empathy. You have to understand how they work, what they need, and want, and how to make their lives better.
  • 🤝 A team player. You love giving and receiving feedback, and learning and growing as a team.
  • 📈 Unafraid of failure. You take risks. You see failure as an opportunity to learn, grow, and be better the next time. In a weird way, you trick your brain into being excited when you fail, because it means you got a new opportunity to learn more.

The Role

You will be a part of the founding team in one of the fastest growing startups in the world. As we scale, we need an engineer who can build high-quality products quickly. You will collaborate with everyone at Rillavoice, even our customers, to deliver a world-class solution.

Rillavoice is built using Typescript with Node.js on the backend, and React/React Native on the frontend. Our integrations and AI workloads are built on Python. We use PostgreSQL as our database. We will look to your experience to impact our codebase and help our engineering team expand its skillset.

What you’ll do

  • Build high-quality products very fast.
  • Contribute to building new features from scratch as we push forward our technical roadmap.
  • Have empathy for our users and build solutions for them. And you’ll be able to do this without any explicit planning or expectations.
  • Push for a high bar for the quality of our codebase and our technical decisions. You’ll help in setting the standard for the future as we scale the engineering organization here at Rillavoice.
  • Scale yourself. Being an early-stage company, you will need to grow individually as the company scales.
  • Help recruit future engineers to expand the team.

What you bring

  • 2+ years experience in building software, ideally some of it in startups.
  • Ability to move fast and iterate quickly without sacrificing quality.
  • A customer-first mindset and an interest in talking with customers to make sure what we’re building meets their needs.
  • Bonus if you have experience in React, React Native, Typescript and Python
  • Bonus if you have experience in deploying infrastructure in AWS