Research Internship (AI/ML)


Working as a Research Intern, you will:

  • Contribute to the development and advancement of the Nebula LLM, our flagship product.
  • Work with experienced researchers and developers to conduct novel research, and translate that into real world impact.
  • Dive into real-world Machine Learning applications.
  • Work on research projects that push the boundaries of AI and NLP technology.
  • Gain hands-on experience in deploying AI tools and techniques. 
  • Analyze data, experiment with algorithms, and enhance your problem-solving skills.
  • Develop deep, hands-on knowledge of building, maintaining, and deploying a large language model. 

To excel in this role, you should:

  • Have a strong passion for AI/ML/NLP research and a desire to learn.
  • Hold (or currently pursuing) a Ph.D. or Master's degree in an AI/ML/NLP area.
  • Possess a solid foundation in Machine Learning concepts.
  • Demonstrate strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Be proficient in data analysis and research methodologies.
  • Have a prior portfolio of hands-on development work, preferably in the AI/ML space (include link to examples or Github).
  • Show a keen interest in AI and technology trends.
  • Demonstrated research work, including but not limited to published work.
  • Possess effective communication and teamwork skills.
  • Be adaptable, curious, and committed to contributing to the research community.
  • Be self-driven, motivated, and hold strong technical opinions.