Marketing Data Analyst



  • Background in data science, mathematics, actuarial science, or engineering
  • Knowledge in advanced statistics, data sciences, coding/scripting languages (Python, JS, etc), and databases (SQL, etc)
  • Strength in data analytics and visualisation (Looker Studio, Tableau, Apache Superset, etc)
  • Ability to translate business questions to key research objectives
  • Ability to identify the best methodology to execute research, synthesise and analyse findings
  • Excellent writing and communication skills
  • Willingness to examine the status quo and resilient in the face of challenges


  • Utilise advanced data analytics to grow Canonical’s product adoption and market penetration
  • Focus on quantitative and qualitative data analytics to find insights and meaningful business outcomes
  • Design and conduct experiments with data, visualisation and insights into Canonical’s target audiences
  • Collaborate with stakeholder teams (Product Management, Engineering, Information Systems, Finance, RevOps, etc) to improve the data and tool ecosystem
  • Put in place and maintain systems to ensure teams across the company have self-service access to data dashboards