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Live AMA: Big Tech Recruiter Edition Resume Drop


This application is for event attendees to submit their resumes for a chance to be selected for 1:1 coffee chats with our recruiters. Register for the event here.

How to Apply:

  • Click the “apply” button and follow the steps to create a profile
  • IMPORTANT: Make sure to add your resume to your profile, don’t leave it blank! We also highly recommend you join our Talent Network so our partner companies looking to hire can find you!


​Stop spending hours cold emailing and waiting in long lines at conferences or career fairs just to get 5 min with a recruiter.

​We’re giving you a full hour with FOUR big tech recruiters where you can ask them literally anything. Our panelists work at some of the world’s biggest Fortune 500 companies - Netflix, Google, Intuit, and Lockheed Martin.

​In this job market where everyone is trying everything to stand out and cold messages and job applications are being left on read, you’ll be kicking yourself if you miss this opportunity to get your urgent questions answered face-to-face by these recruiters.

Here’s what to expect —

​⭐ 5 min of intros and then YOU get the floor for the remaining 55 min to rapid-fire your questions

​💡 Ask them anything. Here are some ideas: interview prep, resume advice, current job opportunities, their takes on the current economic climate, creating a personal brand, networking tips, recruitment processes, company culture, etc.

​☕ Drop your resume to be selected for 1:1 coffee chats with the recruiters

Meet our Panelists:

​Host: Avni Barman, Founder @ Generation She

​NOTE: All content in this AMA reflects personal opinions and beliefs and is not representative of any employers or companies, whether in the past or the present.