This job posting has expired and no longer is available. Please explore other opportunities.

Data Engineering Lead, Customer Success


Rill Data is tackling some of the most difficult challenges facing data engineers in high volume, high complexity use cases. Our data team uses the latest in open source technologies (including our own). As our Data Engineering Lead, you will have a direct impact on Rill, your customers, and the future of data modeling. 

Where You Fit In

We’re seeking a hands-on, experienced Data Engineering lead who can drive the implementation of our metrics offering with our customers. As a technical leader in our commercial organization, you would manage a team of data engineers working on customer projects. In addition, you would be expected to synthesize your direct experiences with customer use cases to inform our product direction. 

Why Rill

  • Solve real problems: Data engineers, analysts and business stakeholders need tools to transform and collaborate on data in real-time. Rill solves this challenge with effortless data transformation and radically simple metrics dashboards - stream to KPI in minutes.
  • Build on considerable traction: Even as an early-stage company, Rill already has multi-million ARR, investor backing, and excellent customer retention.
  • Join an inclusive culture: You’ll join a team that is open, works smart, and has fun -- with ample space to make your mark.

What you will do

  • Architect and implement the data infrastructure for both customer implementations and internal data initiatives
  • Build and scale a best-in-class data engineering team
  • Lead services engagements and drive implementations to deliver & maintain robust customer data pipelines
  • Understand raw data sets and model into customer-friendly dimensions and KPIs 
  • Build repeatable processes and offerings based on client implementation patterns
  • Serve as a liaison to our engineering and product teams on customer requests and user experience 
  • Act as another layer of support for our customers by triaging and helping support our customers, as needed 

What you need

  • An ideal candidate will have hands-on experience in designing, developing, and managing enterprise level database systems with complex interdependencies and key focus on high-availability, cloud migration, security, performance, and scalability
  • Strong candidates have experience in adtech, e-commerce, marketplaces, or other environments with high volume and high velocity data
  • Knowledge of database fundamentals and fluency in advanced SQL, including concepts like windowing functions 
  • Deep experience building pipelines with tools like Apache Flink, Apache Beam, Apache Spark, DBT & Airflow with languages like Python and Scala
  • Experience working with large-scale, distributed warehouses such as Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift, or HIVE 
  • Familiarity with messaging systems such as Apache Kafka, Apache Pulsar